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Online Banking Security

Important Security Information

Security and privacy of your financial information is a high priority at CFG Community Bank. In addition to the security features of our Internet banking system, we want to remind our customers of best practices to help protect their accounts.

Disclosing Personal Information

CFG Community Bank does NOT independently call a customer or send an e-mail asking a customer to disclose account numbers, ATM Card numbers, passwords or other personal information.

Should you receive an unsolicited telephone call, e-mail or fax from a person claiming to be a CFG Community Bank representative and asking for personal or identifying account information, do not respond and contact us immediately.

Internet Banking Authentication

When accessing your account information through Internet banking, be sure the authentication image and phrase are correct before entering your password.

For commercial banking customers that have token access to Internet banking, be sure to press the token button after sign on and verify the four digits against the digits on your computer screen. If they do not match, contact your bank representative immediately.

If you are asked to click on a link of any sort to verify your user name, number or password, do NOT click the link. CFG Community Bank does not request information or verification of information through any link.

Learn More

If you would like information regarding how to protect yourself from potential identity theft, you can view the video “Don’t Be An Online Victim”, produced by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.