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Mobile Money – Sending Text Messages (SMS)

You can send text messages through your mobile phone to 31727 to get your account balances and history, as well as the nearest ATM and branch locations. Below are the short codes you need to know to retrieve this information.

Type of Request Short Code Action
Balance Inquiry BAL Text BAL to 31727 and you will receive a text message back to your phone with balance information for all of you accounts. With the balance inquiry you cannot specify just one account balance; it will always return the available balances for all account you have activated.
Account History  HIST Nickname Text HIST Nickname (e.g. HIST 2Checking) and you will receive all of the history for the account you named (e.g. 2Checking). You can text back the word NEXT in order to get more history items for that account. You can get the same amount of account history through Mobile Money that you can view through Internet Banking, which is 60 days.
Locate an ATM  ATM
zip code
 Text ATM Zip Code (e.g. ATM 21209) to get the locations of the CFG Community Bank ATM that is closest to the zip code you entered.
Locate a Branch   Branch 
zip code
 Text Branch Zip Code (e.g. Branch 21209) to get the location of the CFG Community Bank branch location that is closest to the zip code you entered.
List of Short Codes  HELP  Text HELP if you forget any of these short codes and Mobile Money will respond with a list of the short codes that can be used via the SMS, text message, functionality.

Remember, the number to send your text requests to 31727.