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Term Loans & Leases

CFG Community Bank offers term loans and leases that provide you the financing you need to purchase assets or meet specific financing needs. Repayment is over a fixed length and is paid based on a set schedule. You can choose a fixed or variable rate to finance expansion projects, equipment or permanent working capital.

Commercial Term Loans

We provide commercial term loan solutions so that you can purchase or refinance equipment, fund long-term working capital, acquire a business or purchase vehicles at a fixed or variable rate. We’ll work with you to determine the loan repayment terms that are best tailored to fit your budget.

Commercial Leases

Grow your business with minimal capital outlay by taking advantage of Equipment Leasing. Leasing allows you to acquire new or used equipment and vehicles without a large cash down payment.

At CFG, we offer a variety of flexible leasing programs that can be designed to fit your specific business needs. We’re able to finance 100% of your new equipment purchase, which allows you to acquire assets without “tying up” valuable cash in high monthly payments.

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