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Corporate Information

CFG Community Bank’s values are the basis for the way we do business. It is through our mission and vision statements that we share our core fundamental beliefs about how we work with our customers.

Our Mission

To exceed Customer expectations by delivering superior service and products that allow our customers to achieve their financial goals while creating a work environment that allows our employees to excel and the communities in which we work to become better places.

To exceed Customer expectations, we must have outstanding Employees to serve our customers. To attract and retain outstanding employees, we must create an environment where they can learn, grow and are rewarded for their performance.

Business results are significantly impacted by the success of our Communities. The “quality of life” of our communities is greatly impacted by the ability of businesses to grow.

This can be accomplished by focusing on our customers, employees and communities through sound decision-making ensuring that we offer the best solutions to meet all of your financial needs.

Our Vision

To create the best Community Bank service experience for our customers.

Board of Directors

Annapolis Advisory Board

  • Jasen D. Adams, Esq.
J. Adams Attorneys
  • Lu Ramsay Cotta
    Annapolis Accommodations
  • Susheila Dhillon, Consultant
Financial Regulator, CMB
  • Charles W. Ferrar
    Business Owner,
 Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits
  • Harley Flack, CEO/Founder
    FlackVentures Inc
  • Griff Hall
    Consultant, Griff Hall Leadership
  • Raymond Langston
  • Civic Leader & Former Mayor
  • James J. King, CEO
    GT Mid-State Corporation
  • Cathleen F. Ward, Esq.
    Managing Partner of Ward, Pratz & Associates at Law and Owner of Absolute Title Group, Inc